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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

<TABLE class=tborder id=post275775 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=6 width="100%" align=center border=0><TBODY><TR vAlign=top><TD class=alt1 id=td_post_275775 style="BORDER-RIGHT: #7ab784 1px solid">As many know Masonic symbols are layed out in the design of Washington DC i.e. the upside down 5 pointed star that points to the White House, the Compass with horns on it and the Square as arms of the beast but no one ever shows the UPSIDE DOWN CROSS (as you face East) with beast (Satan) atop the cross with a 6 pointed star on its head so I took a map and highlighted these things and more.

There is a Pendulum that is in swing, to its left.
Union Station is the Right hand note the little left hand (left is lame).

Ancient Rome was the Satan of that time, Rome fell at the end of the 5th century hence the "deadly wound".
The Pilgrims came to this land in the 17th century (1620) to set up the "New Jerusalem" (the one that comes down out of heaven, meaning planned) America, the Revived Roman Empire (revived = wound healed).
Satan was "bound" a thousand years (6th - 16th centuries) and was loosed for a short season as of 1776 and the world has wondered after the beast, the greatest nation on gods green earth.

The Flag is the "image " of the beast.

This beast is Satan the Antichrist.
In the temptation story Satan is on a "hill", that hill in reality is Capital Hill (where the head of the beast is), capitalize by bowing to the beast Satan.

The "False Prophet", a man known only as The Professor did work with George Washington, Ben and others in 1775 setting up the flag/image of the first beast America.
The "great day of the lord " soon followed on May 19, 1780.
I quote from a book Prince Of Darkness p. 331 by Grant R. Jefferey. Grant used this story in his book to proudly boast of a brave and wise christian amongst fearful dummies all the while missing the extreme importance of the story (because truth is not with him), now THATS like a thief in the night.

On May 19, 1780 the sky across the United States was illuminated with meteor showers unlike those ever seen before. By 10:00 A.M. the next morning the sky became black as night and the moon turned blood red. In the State Legislature of Massachusetts panic set in among the distressed representatives. Some fearful members called for a motion to adjorn the hearings in the light of the possible return of the Lord. However, one of the wiser Christians legislators replied, "Gentlemen, bring candles. If it is not the Day of Judgement we should continue our deliberations. However, if it is the Day of Judgement we should be found at our post. Gentlmen...To buisness!"

The "mark" of the beast is
1. the Great Seal (the Eye in the capstone) hence SEALED.
2. the bar code 6-6-6

The eye is deity and the capstone represents this deity being the Chief Cornerstone.

A woman rides (rides = guides) the beast, a likeness of her stands in New York, she is Lady Liberty/Ishtar.
7 spikes on her crown =
7 continents
7th and final beast empire
spiritual completeness, this is where it all comes down.

She is the greatest idol in the history of the world.

The "synagogue of satan" is DC.
A group of people that call themselves Jews but are not.

The "mark" in the right hand =
1. fight for
2. work for

The "mark" in the forehead =
1. think for (minions)
2. think with (patriots), proud to be American.
Pride does go before the fall.

Satan is set up in the holy place, in otherwords, as the Chief Cornerstone.

Darkness was/is upon the face of the deep !!!
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