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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

It is difficult to overestimate the damage caused by the Masons since the enlightenment age. They have literally raped the earth, humanity and all of creation. I say Masons, because I include those so-called Christians and Muslims that have, albeit unwittingly, alied themselves with Ordo Illuminati.

Again, it is absolutely indescribable how evil this world is at this very hour by means of the activities of the Freemasons. They are a plague on the world.

Within the documents and propaganda under the supervision of high grade Masons, such as Protocols, Silent Weapons, etc...etc...etc..., one is able to discern a perfectly Antichrist/Luciferian system of philosophy and praxis. Masonry is the antithesis of Life. Illuministic Masonry is the complete negation of creation. It is Nihilism in the absolute sense, not simply some ideal of sexual liberation or what not, but the complete rejection of Creation Order as it is in Truth.

Masons indeed are aware of some of the Mysteries of Christianity. They make use of them by first supressing the Truth in the world and then inverting and wresting the truth in a Lie. They do this at every level of knowledge and have thus raced ahead of the Truth in the parabolic scale of time.

The fact of the matter is that Masons really have no power at all. Their whole game is simply one giganitic magic trick. Their dogmas are delusions, their aureole is emptiness, and their power is propaganda. They are the same type of bullies who gang up on the class nerds in school yards at recess. They have murdered, bewitched, usurped, robbed, and deceived the entire world.

Their job was not actually that difficult. As deceived as the world already is and has been, what does it demonstrate for the Illuminati to keep deceiving it. Especially if it make use of underhanded methods to do so. A Mason, Satanist, Luciferian, Illuminus are all the same animal under differing brand names. Whatever they may be, human is not on that list.

They whole herd of them amount to exactly Nothing. They are Nothing, they do Nothing, they inherit Nothing. Their Wisdom is Delusion. Their Life is Death, their fulfillment is Desolation, their Foundation is Sand, their abode is the Abyss, and their destination is Destruction. They are absolutely, totally, completely worthless forms of existential unbeing. They are a black hole in space sucking the life out of both themselves and everything around them.

And it is truly amazing to me, because all humanity would have to do to recreate the Garden of Eden is turn their doctrine erect and upright, and there would be the Light of Life and Truth.

Why any human would want to life in the bondage and tyranny of souls that is Luciferianism is beyond my comprehension. All I can say about them is that they are totally bereft, deprayed fools with souls and spirits of utter darkness.

Now the Luciferian has said in his heart that he shall know good and evil and be like God. He has said that he shall ascend like the most high and dwell in the Temple to the sides of the North. Thus and so, he builds himself a mirror and a mirage of the Truth which is a Lie and then sales his wares to the world as wisdom like the whore he is.

Amazing, these Luciferians. If they wanted to be like God then they should do and perform Good, Excellence, Urightness, Rectification. For this is the likeness of God. FOOLISH BLIND LUCIFERIAN! If you wanted to ascend like the Most High and dwell in the Celestial regions of the great Crimson Fortress in the North, then read and practice the Good Doctrine found in the Reveleation of Jesus CHRIST!

This nonsense astounds me. There is absolutely no reason why the world should be as it is today. The Spirit of Liberation has been proved and shown to come from Jesus Christ and God the Father. They are that spirit of goodwill, liberty, and life to the world and man. And why should they not be? FOR MAN WAS MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD! If man has asperation for life, freedom, ecstasy, and expansion, would it not stand to reason that his own maker planned to reveal these things to him in time and growth!?

What deceived fools are these Illuminati. All this pomp and circumstance, all this sorcery, pharmakia, pornia, death and destruction....all because of a bunch of fools who thought they had the corner on the Wisdom market.

What a bunch!
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