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Default Re: Is VISA the 666 Mark?

Northern Ireland was England's first colony

King James took it over by military force

then he brought in scottish, english and french people to run the territory as a plantation raising sheep for wool

The native irish worked for the newcomers

the newcomers are called scotch irish nowadays because they are scottish but they lived in northern ireland for 100 years before coming to America in the early 1700s

about 1/2 the "irish" people in America today are really scottish and they don't even know it

the propaganda would have everybody think that we all just stepped off the boat

in reality we've been here for 400 years

they brought us over here from england starting around 1605 as indentured servants

the national debt is a national indenture and they will have us paying on it FOREVER until they use it to create the NWO
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