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Default Re: The Alchemy Thread

Perhaps the most famous depiction of the ALCHEMICAL universe is the Tabula Smaragdina. We will present more concerning the symbolism of this depiction further in this thread. Know that this depiction deals with the Universe and man in a holistic fashion. The Biblical Mysteries of Ecstatic & Holistic Sacred Sexuality to Reproduction & Ascension as given herein.

The Bible is a literal 'melting pot' of alchemical symbolism. It is the very fountain source for the inspiration behind Alchemy from its inception. At one time the Satanic Illuminati among the Catholic Church tried to suppress this knowledge of true Xristian Transformation. They even killed and murder to suppress the Truth of the Bible. But now in our time the secret knowledge of Jesus of Nazareth as the only Ascended Master of the Universe and perfect AL-CHEMIST cannot be suppressed. Thus and so, the knowledge of True AL-CHEMY will again spread abroad to the good and healing of humanity.

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