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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

About nine years ago I went to the minnesota state fair and went to the masonic booth and layed my map down on their table and confronted the three wise men (all three 32nd degree), they were not happy to have to deal with me. The one that was in charge of the three said to me "freemasonry has nothing to do with Washington dc", now thats some bold faced lying. This same guy was telling me a story and while telling the story he took a piece of masonic stationary and drew an octagon and then wrote the word "stop" in it, I grabed that piece of paper and still have it. The next year I put the map on the back of my t shirt via iron on and went by the booth, the next year the booth was not there and has not been there since. Im sure its there somewhere, I just havent run across it yet but I admit, I havent tried very hard to find it, I made my point, I am not afraid of them.
To freemasony jesus is the lodge, they are not waiting for a jesus to return.
There are 66 books in the bible, 66 in biblical numerology is IDOL worship, the mother road of America is Route 66, get your kicks. They put the bible together so as to use it, just as the vision Constantine had was all about, conquer using the cross/christian nation. Christians say this was a christian nation and that they have to get it back, it never was and never will be. I really do marvel when they say "God bless America" and "they are proud to be Americans", pride does go before the fall. The "name of the beast" is America and those who have the "name" of the beast are Americans and the flag is the "image" of that beast, it is what it is.
I dont need to hate it to tell the truth about it and I dont take joy in saying these things.
Christianity was borrowed from older religions and as Islam and Freemasonry etc, its part of the chaos.
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