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Default Re: Is VISA the 666 Mark?

I just lost another lengthy post so I'm outa here

Money comes from one place BANKS!

All money is issued as interest bearing debt

When our govt needs money they do not issue it anymore instead they issue bonds and sell the bonds to the privately owned federal reserve banks

this is called "monetizing the debt" and this is where the national debt come from,,, our gov borrows every nickel

Our trade partners banks work in a similar fashion

commercial banks also create money out of thin air through "fractional reserve lending" and issue/loan it to us as interest bearing debt

this creates deficits that cannot be repaid period!

they bankrupt us on purpose

When china "buys our debt" it is THEIR BANKS who buy our debt with CREDIT

The fed banks decide when and how much of our debt to sell them

merchant bankers are behind it all

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