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Default Star of Bethlehem, Masonic, Upside Down 5 Pointed

KJV Bible, Masonic Edition, 1932 copy by A. J. Holman in the section titled "History and Facts concerning the Order of The Eastern Star" these words are found "The Star of Bethlehem"..."as the emblem of the Order"..."its five points" and at the end of this section, in the "CONCLUSION" these words are found "the initiate"..."are stamped with the image of the King."

So, according to Freemasonry (Robert Morris, the founder of the OES) the star of Bethlehem is the upside down 5 pointed star and this star is the image of the King.

North is kingly, thats why the upside down 5 pointed star points to the White House as one faces north.
East is priestly hence the 6 pointed star, on the head of the beast as one faces east.

The upside down 5 pointed star is known as the Goats head (Baphomet/Satan), He is the "King."
The eye in the capstone (on the Great Seal of the United States) represents Satan being the Chief Cornerstone.

To see these stars highlighted on a map of Washington DC and more click the link. I use the map showing east up so as to make the beast and upside down cross easier to view, so north is to the left.
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