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Default Tin foil hats anyone???

Welcome to If you came here you're probably in search of some juicy conspiracy theories. Whether or not you're the type who believe in those sorts of things, or you just read them for amusement you'll find something you'd be interested in here. Just know, most of the stuff you read here is totally unfounded without any basis in truth, and written by by ultra-political crackpots with tin foil hats.

typical conspiracy theorist

But maybe, just maybe, if you wade through all of the ramblings, the misplaced assumptions, and the crackpot hysteria you can find a few gems of truth.

If you don't know anything about conspiracies or just need to bone up one some of the finer points of insanity, it'll be good to take a quick look at The A-Z of Conspiracy Theories, and leave the window open just in case you need to look something up.

Be on the lookout for regular updates. Hit the Bookmark button! Oh yeah, and any entries marked TEXT are too large for html so they're opened up in text files.

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