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Default Re: Lucifer is the sum total of human stupidity

Originally Posted by TheLucifer View Post
Leonardo, im curious what you might think about something I see.

Isaiah 14:12
"oh lucifer, son of the morning"

Revelation 22:16
"Jesus" says "I am"..."the bright and morning star."

Lucifer = bringer of light, which = bright and morning star !

So, as I see it, there are 2 kinds of luciferianism, one good and one bad.

What think you ?
I will simply add that your seemingly equivolant syncretic sophistries are outworn. I suppose you will now want a full grammatical exegesis of the Hebrew in contrast with the Greek of the relevant passages? And what use is this? For it is clear that you have never turned a page in any hermeneutics manual at any time.

Your statements are borne of such baboonish ignornace and clap-trap that it is simply impossible to communicate with one such as yourself bereaved of all reason and light.

Again, I never expected any light of Truth to come of one styled TheLucifer to begin with. And with each statement you bellow forth, you confirm my primary argument and affirmation.

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