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Default Re: Lucifer is the sum total of human stupidity

the Greek word "Phosphoros" and the Latin word "Lucifer" are absolutely, one hundred percent identical in meaning. "Lucifer" is the perfect translation into Latin of the Greek word "Phosphoros."

the word "Phosphoros" in 2 Peter 1:19 can be perfectly accurately translated by the word "Lucifer."

2 Peter 1:19 refers without doubt to Jesus Christ. This verse calls Jesus Christ "Phosphoros" (in Greek) or "Lucifer" (in Latin).

OK, help me out a little, donít these quotes say Christianity is in fact Luciferianism (via Latin) ?
The matter of mistranslations is not at all surprising, like Easter.
I think the info you supplied in regards to the Isaiah passage is good info.

So, words you use, clearly, to insult are not insulting , because of a handle I use ?
Thatís a good one.
Thats not word/mind games ?

Again, Lucifer, the sum total of human stupidity ?
What is that saying about Jesus/Christianity/Christians ?
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