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U.S. Military Strategy for South America

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Why are these men smiling?

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This is a good question... Reasons...You have to go back to the Jimmy Carter Presidency for that answer. In that "anti-semitic" Presidency, oh yeah, ole Jimmy, he's a good Jew-Hater, for good reason, now you probably never knew this, cause your brainwashed by the media, If my memory serves me correctly, The Panama Canal was handed over to China during the Carter administration, or at least was finalized in his administration, and then in 1999 handed over in the Clintons last year in office.

CNN In-Depth Specials - Panama Canal Handover

here's the documentation...

The Panama Canal

So what in the world does this have to do with U.S. Military Strategy in S. America???

Well, the answer to that is long and tedious to write about, but,, basically If you do some studying on the Carter Administration, you see that it was a DISASTER, high unemployment, gas shortages, high inflation, etc..Now why do you suppose that is? Well, look no further than the Jews who control America, you see he had a 'hate-thing' for Israel, Jimmy Carter if people did not know, has always been pro-arab, so during his presidency, the Jews on Wall Street, and other Government/Media/Corporate/Complex Jews saw to it that his presidency be destroyed, or made to look bad, the same can be said for the Nixon Administration, you see, everytime a President gets assassinated or the economy or some eventful bad thing happens, you can count on Jews being behind the scenes.

Now, Jimmy Carter, was no Patriot,,let's be clear about that, in fact I would say he's Anti-American, because, his actions although 'beneficial' to Arab interest's and Communist's interest's, were extremely detrimental to Americas interests. Now comes along George W Bush, and another band of Jews, they see that S.American Natural Resources are ABUNDANT, and through there already established network of OPERATIVES down there, they begin to assemble there GLOBAL RESOURCE TAKEOVER, with a Republican CHRISTIAN ZIONIST CONGRESS on hand, it seems 'easy pickens' for them, first and formeost on the Agenda is securing the world's resources for Jewish Money Interest, via the U.S. Military, and 'other' private militia.

So you have a 9-11 drawn up,..

You get the people all riled up and scared, people with no understanding of the Constitution, get with the "government program" of dismantling civil liberties, and then get brainwashed into believing that every nation on Earth, that is not 'with us' is a terrorist nation. Hence, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, and soon Venezuela.

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BUT!!! In walks Putin..Chavez, and Ahmadinejad

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To basically tell the JEW/ZIONIST Screw YOU! Your not taking the world's resources without a fight. Now most conspiracy theorist have to be thinking right now, but, they're all in it together, it's a big charade of MASONIC PROPORTIONS, I would say maybe??? But the facts say ottherwise, because if you have seen the "time-line" the Jews had planned for themselves, it has been TOTALLY ANNIHILATED by the 3 Amigos above.

And why do you suppose that is??? Because despite what you think, there is no one ENTITY controlling the World, sure the Zionist come pretty close, but you have to hand it to these gentlemen, they got guts to step in there way, at least for awhile, with Dick Cheney lurking in the backgound, anything is possible.
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