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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

Originally Posted by TheLucifer View Post
1. Its secret
2. It lies (intentionally misleads) to its own and especially to non masons
3. When a man becomes a mason he swears oaths of secrecy, to fellow masons and especially to non masons.
4. When a married man becomes a mason he swears oaths of secrecy even unto his wife, effectively breaking his marriage vows, they are no longer one.
5. When a mason marries a woman he swears false vows to her because of his oaths to the lodge.
6. Masons swear to help other masons even if the one being helped is in fact a criminal.
7. Freemasonry is Racist, a black man cant be a mason.
8. Male chauvinist, a woman cant be a mason
9. Discriminates against handicapped, a handicapped person cant become a mason, and if a mason becomes handicapped he is expelled from the craft.
10. According to Freemasonry non masons are damned to hell, they wont be going to the lodge in the sky.
How can you prove any of the above if they are secret?
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