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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
How can you prove any of the above if they are secret?
Testimony from those (via books and video) who quit the craft.
Masonic books, some of which, are not intended for public viewing i.e. Morals and Dogma etc.

The Lodge still has secrets yet to get out, to be sure, but much has gotten out.
Some of what I mentioned in the last post is public knowledge, such as women not allowed to become a mason and blacks not being allowed in, and swearing oaths of secrecy.

A mason asked me, "could I respect a man who breaks his oath ?"
That question was in response to me saying how I was seeking truth and that he was denying me of just that.

Spoksmen for Masonry say it is a society that has secrets/secret knowledge.

The word Occult according to Merriam Webster means, "to shut off from view or exposure."

In honesty, that defines the Old Testament (Daniel 12:4, shut up the words) and the New Testament (Revelation 10:4, Seal up those things...uttered) as well as Freemasonry.
The game is as old as the hills.

Real power and honor do not lie in secrecy.
Freemasonry is the master of double speak, to say one thing while meaning something else.
The masters of smoke and mirrors.

Freemasonry says it takes good men and making them better, while it says it intentionally misleads them, The fact is, the vast majority never get beyond the mislead stage.
How is that making them better ??

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