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Default Re: Are The Powers That Be In Oz About To Admit To "Aerosol Spraying"?


If you are refering to the aerial spraying in Esperance a few things have happened since.

I have yet to do a PROPER follow up. Will do one of these days.

Heres a video of the Oz government of the recently defeated John Howard mob ADMITTING to rain making experiments involving "ionizing/electrifying" the atmosphere.

More strangley we find hard core Oz Zionist Jews and Israeli involvement in the experiemnts. They all were involved with Senator Malcolm Turnbull who is a banker in his own right and lives in the suburb in Sydney called "Wentworth". This suburb is FILLED with jews but particularly Russian jews.

Heres the video...

YouTube - Rain Making In Oz - ABC "7.30 Report" 19/11/2007
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