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Default Dissapearing Threads

A long time ago in a forum far, far away there was a Thread called "Whatever Happened To The Orbital Engine?"

This thread was placed by a young and bad tempered forum warrior who was constantly tempted by the dark side of the force to insult people he did'nt like online.

Despite his immaturity he posted some informative of which detailed the VERY public design and proving of a revoloutionary petrol motor in Perth, Western Australia.

One day this thread simply..."dissapeared" and the forum ADMIN refused to give an explanation.

The young internet warrior, lacking maturity and high on additive affected 2 minute noodles rampaged about the internet pissed at forum owners attitude.

Now, after much time in the swamps and deserts of the far flung planets leading an ascetic life...taming his pasions...said internet warior humbly asks the mighty Makow if he could give an honest answer on HOW and perhaps WHY "that" particular thread of all threads dissapeared?


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