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Default Re: Mercury in our air!

I wrote a thread several months ago about the effects of silver iodide and cloud seeding programs.

Do you like breathing and drinking Silver Iodide?, page 1

And from this article I found

Silver iodide, by contrast, took effect much sooner, when it was as warm at twenty-five to twenty-eight degrees, only a few points below freezing. At fourteen degrees, where other par ticles were just starting to work, silver iodide was in full operation.

Many ways of vaporizing silver iodide were tried. One ex- perimenter, lrving P. Krick of the California Institute of Tech nology, developed a generator consisting of a small firebrick oven inside a steel box about the size of a television set, which has proved to be the most effective. In this one the silver iodide was impregnated in coke and burned at the white heat of 2,500 degrees. Impelled by a fan blowing through the fire, the vapor ized silver iodide rose invisibly from the little furnace and drifted off toward the clouds on the rising air currents, feeding the clouds at the rate of billions of particles a second.

As the silver iodide rose, it also dispersed widely. This was another advantage over dry ice. By the time it arrived at seeding levels, perhaps fifty miles from where it started, then particles could be spread throughout thousands of cubic mile of the atmosphere.
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