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Default Re: The energy non-crisis.

My true purspose is to understand how energy is made and how to efficiently use it.

Your purpose seems to be dreaming up hairbrained ideas and not even attempting to work them through.

There are some minor inconveniences that are covered by the laws of Thermodynamics that your proposals don't seem to overcome.

Still, feel free to come up with them. As soon as there is one that actualy makes sense, I promise not to shoot it down.

I tell you, car in the future will travel on
cushions of air. They will use one battery bank
for power while another charges as they travel.
You need energy to develop that cushion of air. You even need energy to develop a magnetic field to make it look like its traveling on a cushion of air.

If the car is traveling on a bank of batteries, you need another energy source to generate power to store in the other bank of batteries.

What you may have thought about is how some cars use braking power to create energy which is stored in car batteries. The problem there is that you are converting excess motion which you are removing by braking to energy. If you want to keep the car moving you can't do that.

Currently solar and wind, and hydro are the best
electricity producers.
Yes they are. But do you know how much energy it takes to make these turbines and towers and how much they cost to buy.

How about a couple of black tubes running
up a south facing hill. At the top, turbines spin
from the are moving up the hill, as it is heated by
the sun.

Cool air in the valley, gets heated in the tube, and
This one doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

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