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Default Re: Is VISA the 666 Mark?

Originally Posted by TheLucifer View Post
Mark of the beast =
1. The Great Seal of the USA (the eye in the capstone) hence SEALED
2. The bar code (666)
Mark in the forehead =
1. Think for (minions)
2. Think with (patriots/copper tops)
Mark in the Right hand =
1. To fight for
2. To work for

The Great Seal (the eye in the capstone) is on the back of the Dollar Bill, the most handled piece of paper in the world.
The Beast is in Washington D.C., the compass that has HORNS on it.
The head of the beast is the Capital bldg on Capital Hill.

In the temptation story Satan is on a “hill”, that hill in reality is Capital Hill (where the head of the beast is !!!), capitalize by bowing to the D.C. beast Satan.
In the Capital bldg there is a Prayer room, in this room there is a stained glass mural (as you face it you are facing East) that shows the pyramid/Eye of Providence (Satan) at the top with George Washington under it kneeling/bowing in prayer !!!

To see this beast and the prayer room and other pics click the link

img1.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Do a google search for Aaron Russo and watch his film America From Freedom to Fascism, its a MUST see.
Here is a link for it, America: Freedom to Fascism - Director's Authorized Version
Watch the interviews with Aaron that are on google as well.
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