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Default Re: The $1B Electron

When you burn hydrogen, it turns into water.

Yet we say we are made up of water. This is not true.
The water molecule (collection of protons and electrons)
is made up of Hydrogen + Oxygen

So, we are officially made up of hydrogen, and we need oxygen to survive,
or we dry up, and turn into dust.

Earth, is one proton, and one electron (moon). Hydrogen is one proton, one electron.

Isn't it fascinating that we are made up of the same basic combination, as earth represents.

Mars, is one proton, two electrons (moons), or Helium.

Could we expect life from mars, to be made up of Helium? It's not that far fetched as it sounds.

The big bang. Growth from a seed. Thought into words.

All, are connected. Once we understand the fundamental
truth, and we accept the responsibility of maintaining health
throughout our universe, then we will truly be blessed, and
live the lives we are meant.

Everthing on earth, is given for us as a resource to accomplish
this single task. Create. Responsibly.
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