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Cool Re: IMPORTANT MESSAGE (I wish I knew this Forum before!)We're getting close to too la

Right, but we can take back more than just our country, mate! we can take back our world, when we realize who has organized things to get to this point. - It's short-circuit by design over the past thousands of years, but you're right; To maintain credibility, I'm not speaking of the Reptilians, unless it randomly comes up in my Random Quotes, so let's just hope it doesn't come up to too many skeptics. - Actually, let's hope it does.

- Why don't you listen to AJ or C2CAM anymore?? I understand some shows contain 'garbage' or don't focus or get to the point quick enough, (and have disgustingly long breaks) but all in all, there is a great show everyday. And Alex's shows are always entertaining, & he is exposing many things, he's had Ron Paul on, etc, he's a good guy, but I havn't been able to talk to him yet about his misunderstandings. (not that I'm saying I know it all)
---> Basically, I know what you're saying; We only have to point out things like: All these people calling for a NWO, & then denying it's existence, & going to the extent of saying that anyone who believes in the NWO is insane, just like what they did with the UFOs! 2) Expose the Federal reserve, the fluoridation, energy suppression, & the basic essential idea that we need to improve our understanding & appreciation of Nature, by taking time to go camping, & eat a mushroom or something... I don't know, but we have to change our routines, & world views to break out of this! I'm not advocation the use of magic mushrooms, but who knows, at this point, if it works, perhaps it should be used to get people back in touch with the planet that we are ever so much on the balance between destroying nature, & Nature destroying us, or do we do what is elusively obvious; The right thing; Realize that things will never change unless we have the ability the vote for the decisions themselves, because these 4 candidates are always going to be on the same team, unless they are like Kennedy, but then the'll see the ground. It's time to take responsibility for our own lives, & our world. - Many jobs would be created if emission -free energy technology would be released.
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