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April 5, 2008

US Nuclear B-1 Bomber On Iran ‘Attack Run’ Shot Down

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers (Traducción al Español abajo)

In a disturbing continuation of our April 2nd report, “Russia ‘Alarmed’ As US Readies April Nuclear Attack On Iran”, and wherein we reported on the United States War Leaders plans to attack Iran, Russian Military Analysts are today reporting that the US Air Force has ‘shot down’ one of their own bombers reported to be on an ‘attack run’ towards Iran’s Bushehr nuclear plant. [Pictured 3rd down on left]

According to these reports, an American B-1 Lancer supersonic strategic nuclear bomber based out of the United States Ellsworth Air Force Base, and which bills itself as, "The "backbone" of global engagement for the 21st century", attempted to ‘deviate’ from its assigned flight path over the Persian Gulf Nation of Qatar by rapidly descending for what these reports state is ‘typical’ for these types of aircraft when engaging in combat.

When contacted by US Air Force officials stationed at Qatar’s Al Udeid Air Base, these reports continue, this B-1 nuclear bomber ‘squawked’ what is called a ‘CIA Identification Code’, and not, what Russian Military Analysts say, was the correct code for American fighter aircraft over flying Middle Eastern Nations, whereupon it was ordered to land or face an ‘immediate’ shoot down.

Russian Military intercepts of US Air Force communications, during this incident, portray a chaotic scene where after refusing to change its course, American Military Officials ordered a US F-16 Fighter Jet to ‘strafe’ the B-1 nuclear bomber, but then a US Naval Carrier, stationed in the Persian Gulf, ‘ordered’ its fighter jets to attack those of the US Air Force.

As US Air Force Commanders launched more of their fighter jets into the air against their own Naval Forces, the B-1 nuclear bomber was reported to have been hit by cannon fire from the F-16 fighter jet, after which it changed its course for an ‘emergency’ landing at the Al Udeid Air Base and which upon landing ‘exploded’. These reports state that no further hostilities between the US Air Force and its Navy counterparts during this incident occurred.

American propaganda media sources, though acknowledging the destruction of this B-1 nuclear bomber, have failed, so far, to complete their fabrication of this incident into the final coherent form they deem suitable for their citizens, and as we can read as reported by the Dakota Voice News Service, and as we can read:

"The Rapid City Journal is confirming that the B-1 bomber which was involved in the incident in Qatar earlier today was from Ellsworth Air Force Base here in Rapid City.

The crew made it to safety, and the article says that details are uncertain as to whether the crew was from Ellsworth or from another base. Sgt. Sandra Lucas of the Al-Udeid Air Base public affairs office confirmed Friday afternoon that the incident involved an Ellsworth plane. But she could not confirm whether any or all of the plane’s crew members were from Ellsworth.

The Air Force says the bomber was taxiing after landing at Al-Udeid Air Base in Qatar and caught fire. Few details are available, although the Air Force says the aircraft was involved in a ground incident. All four crew members aboard the plane safely evacuated, according to the Air Force.

It was initially reported that the bomber crashed, but reports now say that wasn't the case. One report said that some of the munitions aboard exploded, but I've only seen that in one place, so don't know for sure if it's accurate."

Russian Military Commanders further speculate, in these reports, that the United States Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, and who last week ordered a full inventory of all American nuclear weapons, was ‘no doubt’ the US Military Commander who issued the ‘shoot down’ order for this B-1 nuclear bomber as he has been reported long at odds with the American Vice President, Richard Cheney, over the latter’s push for an immediate nuclear strike against Iran.

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