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Default Re: I'm going to make this short: SPREAD THE WORD!!!

For the most part, what I've noticed is, the avg person is too busy to pay attention, or too burned out and don't wanna hear about it. But the people who do listen are usually decent folks are quite often religious.

Also FEAR is a big deterrent. They're just too scared and wanna go hide!

I think that here, the best thing we can do is vent.

You're not gonna get much support on a forum. I think we are all better off speaking to people on the street, the cashier, fellow shoppers, at the gas station etc, not to mention friends and neighbors, but care must be taken not to go too far too fast otherwise it will be like putting someones face in front of an open fire hydrant, they'll be overcome in less than a second, then they'll never want to speak to you again!!

I know! Been there, done that!!!
Things are rarely as they seem on the surface
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