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Default Re: Truebeliever's Homepage Out?


Let's check the last post, a post of a serious nature. Check it out to see if he left us any hidden messages!!! What if we take every fifth word and see if we can get a secret message!!!

OR, I know, oooh, ooooh, "truebeliever" has twelve letters, ya go: 1+2=3, ah 3!!!

3 is one of the numbers in freemasonry!!

He left us!!!! The son of a gun!!!

He's probably in some lodge with one of those skimpy mason aprons, giving secret handshakes,
watching "Eyes Wide Shut", and laughing at us!!
And having some chit chat with Yeoshua. I knew it all the time-------the con!!!!!!!!!!!

And ya know, I was going to ask him if he was a member of FriendFinders/SeniorFriendFinders because I think I've spoken to him in there last year.

MOVIE, Code TRUEBELIEVER: Man on a Mission

Unless he teamed up with Alex Jones :-D
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