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Default Re: The energy non-crisis.

Originally Posted by Time=Now View Post
Really? Are you ... 4 years old or something??? Sorry, but it's time to get serious, & I'm going to express myself, ya lube! - DO YOU REALLY THINK OIL IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET ENERGY??? You are INCREDIBLY programmed if you think that. What, is your homepage?

Sorry, but do yourself a favor by realizing that if there were electric cars, OBVIOUSLY the energy grid would be rendered into an emergency service , if anything at all, because the SOLAR/ Battery or other source of energy that SHOULD HAVE BEEN IMPLEMENTED AT LEAST AROUND THE 1920's, would make people realize they could have the same system powering their homes.

Reactions & closed mindedness like your post really break my heart, because the solutions are so simple, but getting there will be apparently a little difficult, given the likes of you, eh? ... - As someone whom I admired for a short time & now hate; Al Gore had said, 'We could really lose it', (not the oil, you (profanity removed) ---> Our freedom, then our lives, then the world... - Are our daily routines really worth all of what most us us have not had the chance to explore yet?
I see that Intelligence is not something that concerns you much now does it?
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