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Thumbs down Re: The energy non-crisis.

Excuse me??? What the hell are you talking about? You must've not seen the clear message in my post that you ASSumed merited quoting... I have no TIME FOR THIS, I''vE HAD A BAD DAY< BUT THANKFULLY IT SHALL NOT BE DIFFICULT TO PUT YOU IN YOUR PLACE... - I AM NOT A THEORIST, just a very concerned person, & when you object to my post without reading it, you are insulting everyone else on this Planet, for I am trying to help the world avert an avoidable armagedon, & WHEN YOU QUOTE A GOOD POINT < ON TOP OF ALL THINGS< IT JUST SHOWS THAT WERE most probably ALL GOING TO HELL, AS UNFORTUNATELY THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY MENTALITIES LIKE THIS CHARACTER... DO NOT INSULT MY INTELLIGENCE. IF you knew who I am, you would find that your judgments/reactions are outrageous, & I don't like you at all.

I see that you obviously don't know what is really going on, & quite frankly, I don't need to tell you to goto hell, because when you realize that the truth differs significantly to your pathetic world view, & the feeling you inevitably will have will bring you down to the place you deserve to be in for wasting my time & delaying my projects that will benefit mankind.

- Everyone! - Let's give a big hand to Mr (slightly) Mentally challenged!

- PS: You seem very critical of others, without even looking... I'm sorry, but you're a moron, especially if you don't think there's a crisis. - The crisis is that people are continuing to be slaves to the Oil industry, when we could have independent energy & not have to be paying thousands of dollars to utility & gas companies... If you are here, & are seriously not understanding this, the alert of you being a dis-info agent has been erected...

PS: HELLO??? A crime against humanity is that clean energy has been suppressed, & we should not even be having these discussions... In FACT, this site & other like should not exist... - We should not have to fight for our freedom, but actual critical thinking is apparently not something you practice.
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