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Default Re: The energy non-crisis.

Moving a vehicle through airspace takes a certain amount of energy. Why not put a fan on the car that generates a charge as you push yourself around on the tires, but when you hit the highway, the fan becomes the propeller, and pushes the car up to speed. At a certain point, a pressurized cushion of air builds up under the car and lifts it of the ground.

A small rail could be build onto existing highway structure to keep the car from drifting, but, if it were going fast enough, an air rudder system could be used. The bottom of the car would be flat, and the wheels would lift up into the car, like an aircraft, except the car would go no higher than say 6".

Then, when you want to leave the highway, you move over to a different lane, and slow down, and the car settles back down on the tires, and the propeller then again becomes a generator.

Once the car is travelling on the cushion of air, it should be able to efficiently travel for long distances, because of the higher speed, and zero friction. I have a drawing of the car, that I have been refining. Will post it soon.

Here is a rough draft

Notice the solar panels on top

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