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Thumbs down Re: Foolish shadow kid

How amusing! I've never seen through a shadow before! (This recommendation of yours is of cource based on your first... hand experience , for such a lame, loser like you would need to initiate a monetary transaction for sex. Wo ho! you're a sad case... If you cannot reply constructively, or at least be a man & admit you're wrong, (PS: you only JUST found out the federal reserve is a private company)??? then get the fuck out of my face!

Skip back a page, & ACTUALLY read the point I have to make... You tell people they make no sense at all, when you make no sense whatsoever. This is not my opinion, as others have stated you are an outright dweeb. - You are clearly here for the wrong reasons, & I guess that when you fail AGAIN to get a mate, you come on here to spread your hate... Nobody needs your verbal masterbation, nor your silly little one liner crustation posts.

Don't bother replying, as I ignore you, since you cannot take my advice that would be benefitial to you, I'll leave you childishly thinking that having the last word is progress in some way...
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