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Default The dream of the ring of fire.

Then, about three months into this "spiritual awakening" through the beginning of the understanding of some of the mysteries of the bible, I have another dream. In this dream,

I'm traveling just on the other side of the town, where I was shot at in the second dream.
There were no cars, and we were walking down the road, about 6 of us, all adults.
I stop at a driveway, and there is a trailer house at the end of the driveway. I start walking up the driveway, as the others wait. When I get closer, someone comes out of the house and grabs me, and takes me in to a lady on her deathbed. She hands me a leather map, and dies. The dream then skips forward, to a long journey later, and I have found the spot on the map, still with the same group of people. The spot on the map, is an island, just off what seems to be a sea coast,
with white rock, and a small white cafe, and on the island sits an old run down house, that was once probably pretty nice. We sit and have a cup of coffee, as we figure out house to get out to the island. The next day, we get a boat, and travel to the island, which is less than a mile offshore.

When we enter the house, we are dissappointed to see the place in shambles, with parts of the roof missing, and I'm sorta surprised the place is still standing at all. But, there is a staircase, that looks sound, and it leads up to a door. When I open the door, there is a small room, decorated with cheap but clean office furniture. But under the desk, I push a panel, and it opens up.

We crawl through the opening, and inside is a spectacular hall, lined with beautiful polished wood, lined in slats, like how one would build a boat.We walk down the hall, passing a small passageway into a large empty room. We turn back, an check out the small passageway, and at the end of that is a room with several full sized animal figures made out of the same wood, and same slat style of construction. Around the corner, I find a "treasure chest" flowing with gold and jewels and artifacts and documents, and one of the guys with me hollars and I look around and he had pulled the head off of one of the figures and inside was full of polished gemstones, and all of the figures where the same, each one having a different gemstone.

But around the corner, near where we entered, was a wooden lamb, sitting on a shelf. I picked up the lamb, and looked inside. Inside, was about 10 stones, milky white, quarter sized. I put them into my jacket pocket, and then suddenly I'm standing outside the house, looking out at the sea, back towards the land. I feel something on my back, and turn to look to see large white wings. I look at the others, and they have wings too. So I start to fly. At first, I'm a little shaky, and I start heading toward some power lines, and start to brace for electrocution, and when I hit, nothing happens, and I realize at that point, nothing manmade can harm me, and I start to easily control my flight.

Then, I fly out over the sea, and I see a large ring of fire in the sea. I fly over the top, and reach into my pocket, and drop the stones into the ring, and instantly people begin to fly up out of the sea, into a hole in the sky, changing into white robes and praising God. It's the most incredible feeling, and I wake up.

I lay there for some time, smelling those wood smells, as if I had brought them out of the dream with me.

The next day, I was on cloud nine, and wanted to show God I understood and heard Him.

to be continued...
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