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Default Re: Satanic ritual in Iraq


With all due respect i think you have carried this issue away from the actual topic, which was about the shiites flogging themselves.Very sad indeed.God doesnt need anyone to castrate themselves in such a manner to show him obedience and love.Not islam by any means.

Also about the tsunami and the lesson,if this was a sign for christianity why were the majority who suffered in that event muslims?

Natural disasters have been happening for centuries in many places.Natural disasters are not prejudice, they dont ask people for relgion or racial identity.

However we may say it is a sign from God for all to see and remember that we will also die one day.Whether you die in a plane crash, a natural death, a big natural disaster it is still death.Some die a more horrific death sleeping in their beds...
I am myself a muslim and i dont agree with you, making your views as sub topics under topics which have nothing related.You start a topic and then carry it away somewhere else.
If you want to preach a certain idea please start another topic and heading so people are not mislead.the 19 issue is deffinately a topic which doesnt interest me..
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