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Default Re: Who is the most powerful secret society??

Originally Posted by caspar2012 View Post
TheLucifer I think you're right about the powers that be in Washington DC being the most powerful but don't you think these guys themselves are in some of these groups?

That way they can get together and chat with business leaders and take their ideas out in the form of political policy and the like? That's why I wanted to know which of these groups probalby has the most members from the governments and Royal Families and captains of industry. It's this group that will have the most power don't you think?

The way it is set up is, many (groups) = 1, the real e pluribus unum.

Masonry is one of the many and yet is the many, hence the Mystery religion and Mystery Babylon.

The most powerful group is the smallest, and is unseen (by the masses), the hidden hand of God/godmen.
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