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Default Re: Ron Paul is a Freemason.

Did you know Ron Paul was drafted, and only served 2 1/2 yrs?

After two years, he was drafted and began active duty with the Air National Guard. He was stationed at Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Though he would have preferred to continue his medical training, he decided to make the best of his time in the military.

“I became a flight surgeon not an Air Force pilot but I got my private pilot (license),” says Paul. “At that time, you know we were fantastically rich because I could make $700 a month and didn’t work nearly as hard as I did as a resident.”

Following his two and a half years of active duty he returned to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to continue his medical training, leaving internal medicine and redirecting his focus to OB/GYN.

Wow, did 2 1/2 yrs in his home state, after being drafted?? Tough duty there Ronny.
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