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Default Re: Ron Paul is a Freemason.

I've posted this response, which is under moderation, so probably won't make the post.


Mr. Paul.

I was in the Daily Paul forum, and someone came in claiming she use to do your schedule.

She claimed Mrs. Paul is a member of the (Velasco) Order of the Eastern Star. Also, that your
father was a freemason.

Sir, women are not allowing into the Eastern Star without a husband being a freemason,
so, before I go spreading this information all over the world, I will give you a chance, here,
in the official forum, to respond.

Otherwise, in my opinion, you have been lying to the public, just like the rest of them, and your
voting record has been deliberate to fool the masses into following you like you are some sort
of savior, all the while leading them into the abyss.

I wait your answer, but not for long. I’m pretty convinced this person was authentic.

Next, I will point out that you really never told us you were drafted, and did a whole
2 1/2 years in Texas National Guard. Thanks for bringing that forth.

And what is the $400,000,000 million for the oil refinery in your district, right before you got
re-elected? Is this tied to the whole Port Arthur VX nerve gas thingy?

And this response

Steve Svensson Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
April 22nd, 2008 at 6:40 am

Is this an answer from Ron Paul? Is their a problem with freemasonry?

Who do you think the New World Order is. Order out of Chaos sound familiar?

They’ve got people calling Ron Paul supporters kooks, and they’ve got
Ron Paul supporters calling everyone that doesn’t support Ron Paul kooks.

So, effectively, what we have here, is the brink of civil war.

Pinch the economy, ration food, ran up gas, crash equity in housing, trap people
in loans, the list goes on and on.

Who instills this? Who suggests in your local government taking loans for things,
when the town has enough money to pay for it outright, effectively trapping the
tax paying citizens into a credit situation?

Look at any sign entering a town. Who’s there. Freemasons.

And some will say, well they donate a lot of money. Where do they get the money they
donate. From you, and me, through charities, functions, and DUES. Better pay your dues, huh.

Why, cause it all goes back the the Knights Templar. They protected the Temple. What Temple?

The Temple of Solomon, which is the same Temple Jesus said he would bring down, and the same temple
he slapped the “money changers” Knight Templar, Freemason, Illuminati, World Order. It’s all the same thing.

Anti-Christ. Look at the symbol for the Order of The Easter Star closely.
General Grand Chapter OES

Notice it’s a .org. Tax Free people.

Now look at this.
The Pentagram and Ram's Head

There’s a third side in this Revolution. It’s called the Spiritual Army.
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