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Default Re: Zionism - The Occult Guild Of Antichrist - A Christian Perspective


We're so glad you like mysterious eyes, but your signature line is way too large and intrusive to the subject at hand.

Unless you like distraction from the subject at hand, you ought to think about minimizing your signature line.

Afterall, the subject at hand is not about mysterious eyes.

I think Makow harbors disdain for women.

Read any of his latest articles?

Apparently, if you're a woman and you wear blue jeans, you have a "gender identity disorder" and most women, according to him, are alone, scared and confused.

I like blue jeans.

They're sexy!

What's going on with Springsteen these days?

Any insight?

Dancing with "little girls" on stage!!

What's up with that?

I don't know about you, but if my husband were dancing with children (girls) on stage and I was his wife, I'd be somewhat uneasy.
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