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Default Re: The Fantasy World

Hello Ahmad

Yes this is true, and to be honest with you I am in the process of realizing this.

A friend of mine has shown me that there are four aspects to happiness in the world and these aspects are a balance of the Physical, the Intellectual, the Emotional, all brought together by the Spiritual. Without the Spiritual bond the other three are misguided, and that Spiritual bond is only found through the love of God (and only God).

In addition, the process of forgiveness works on similar lines.

Let me explain the view.

Letís imagine that you have done something wrong. If you realize your error (intellectual) and feel regret for it (Emotional), and then do something to rectify it or change your ways (Physical), you shall be granted forgiveness through the Spirit of Godís Love.

However, if you donít really mean it (Emotional), or really understand it (Intellectual), or try to improve upon yourself (Physical), why should you be given forgiveness? (Spiritual)

What do you say Ahmad? What does anyone have to say for that matter?
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