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Default Re: Secret Rulers of The World

Originally Posted by United_We_Stand View Post
hey clock princess
i've been into these stuff for awhile now but i wasn't a member here.
i checked the new posts and saw ur link watched the whole thing and now i'm a member lol

its 5:30 am now i just finished the whole thing
i cant say much about the history section of it however it made lots of sense.
everything that she mentioned about 1700s until now are true based on my was a very complete set of videos.i loved the fact that she offers solutions at the end unlike lots of other people that keep scaring us of the same facts with no help whatsoever.

ps:i found the part about prince williams and how he'll be the future ruler very interesting.

amazing post

Well, I'm glad that my thread helped to recruit you. I'm new as well. I agree, it's a very good series, and the info they give isn't the same ole' recycled basics that many other vids keep repeating (eye of horus, pyramids, dollar bills, etc). I'll be honest, there are some parts I don't necessarily agree with or "buy into", but I think that overall there are alot of little golden nuggets of great information.
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