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Peace be upon you Dave,

I totally agree, in order to restore the harmony of God's design to ourselves, we have to align our mind/heart with our body.

Every human being has a Jinn-companion with him always, why? God designed the test so that the Jinns (more inclined to follow Satan, they are his descendants, more on my website) must follow the leadership of the human being (Satan was the companion of Adam who refused to serve him).

The voices we hear inside our heads (e.g: the ideas to see the things and people as ends in themselves, thus become obsessed with or afraid of them) are not ours! they are the Jinn-companion inviting us to follow him, if we do follow the evil idea and act upon it, we are actually distorting God's design of "the human being in control of his heart/mind).

The action (physical) itself is the product (physical manifestation) of this power struggle on who's in control of the mind/heart (called Fu'ad in Arabic).

We maybe very familiar with this evil voice (our Jinn-companion's) to the extent that we can't recognize who is who!

People who drink (or abuse any kind of intoxicants, drugs..etc) are actually giving their Jinn-companion free access to their mind/heart, thus all the ideas they are thinking of during this intoxication are their Jinn's, not theirs!

How many people can recognize this difference? only a few and they are the righteous, who seek refuge in God from the whispers of the devils and hold on to the rope of God as much as they can.

The worst misery is to think of things and people as ends in themselves (gods) because they being created, are unstable and will inflict misery through loss or abuse on the individual idolizing them.

When we act upon the Jinn devils' invitations, we are worshipping them.

[34:40] On the day when He summons them all, He will say to the angels, "Did these people worship you?"
[34:41] They will answer, "Be You glorified. You are our Lord and Master, not them. Instead, they were worshiping the jinns; most of them were believers therein."

Ahmad Nishitoba
God\'s alternative, USN

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