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Default Re: Why The U.S Is In Iraq

The U.S. is in Iraq in order to fulfill the Masonic/Zionist/Satanic end times prophecy of World Government, the only problem is Homosexualizing and Bastardizing the arabs into "western style democracy" has proved to be dificult because strict conservative sharia law of the Koran has tens of millions of adherents to that belief system against the NWO. Most of the "radical islamist" know that there is a VAST CONSPIRACY being perpetrated on them by the Khazaric Jews of the world, they've known this for thousands of years. Many historical documents from over hundreds, (perhaps thousands) of years prove this. You can continue to beleive some "Illuminatti Rubbish" but the facts say Khazaric and elements of Sephardic JEWS have been the "unseen hand" manipulating governments for millennia in order to make Jerusalem the world capital with the AntiChrist reigning supreme.
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