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Default Re: Who is the most powerful secret society??

Originally Posted by caspar2012 View Post
So which group are you proposing are the most powerful? Is the one we haven't heard of yet?

One of the groups I've been reading about are the weavers. They are pretty unknown and there's not much about them. Do you think these guys could possibly be the powerful ones you talk of?
I dont try to see into them that way.

I look at the symbolism set into the design of DC, I look at things they do.

I dont need to see them, their works show/prove them.

The Compass (with HORNS on it) and Square set up as as a stick figure (Satan) atop an upside down cross in the design of DC is of extreme importance.
The White House is the Right foot of the beast. An inverted Pentagram points to the White House.
Its a "broken" (inverted) pentagram (its not "finished"), as used in black magic, its called "the Devils footprint".
Right is a symbol of power, thats why the devils footprint (the White House) is the Right foot, not the Left.

Ancient Rome (the Satan of that time) fell (was bound, the deadly wound) at the end of the fifth century. Satan was bound for a thousand years (6th - 16th centuries), was brought to this country in 1620, was realeased (wound healed, hence the REVIVED Roman Empire) as of 1776, for a short season.
232 years is yet a short season.

Satan (DC beast) is the Antichrist (Political, Economic Power), but another post some time.

Their works prove them.
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