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Originally Posted by KennyWally View Post
" If you did, you should realize that your so-called Illuminati is completely a Jewish creation, as well as the Banksters, The Zionist, And every other evil organization you think of. "

Funny, my research shows that the jesuits created them, and ultimately, it all stems from the mystery religions.

And SOCRATES was a church historian? I thought he was another teacher of the mysteries as was ARISTOTLE.

No disrespect to you or your research KennyWally, but, those researchers you listed at the front of this thread on page 1, well I have info on them that says they are part of the NWO. But anyway,as far as your assertion about the jesuits and the mystery religions, it's very complicated when you dig deep into the past, and then try to tie it all in today, but my understanding of the TIMELINE, is that the JEWS, from before Jesus's day have always been the manipulators behind the 'events,' so for example, when a person suggests that the Jesuits or the Illuminatti, or any organization involved in the conspiracy to enslave humankind, does'nt take into account the PEOPLE behind those organizations, WITH CONCRETE EVIDENCE FROM THE HISTORICAL ARCHIVES FROM SAID OFFENDERS then they are just blowing smokescreens to shield, or trying to be politically correct as to not OFFEND the AFFORMENTIONED RACE. This is understandable, nobody wants to be labeled a racist, but, in the HONEST SEARCH for the truth, a person has to be forthright in there words. Now, I AM WELL AWARE THAT NOT ONLY JEWS are involved in this CONSPIRACY TO ENSLAVE HUMANITY UNDER A DARKNESS OF SPIRITUAL SUPPRESSION the likes of which we are witnessing right before our very eyes, I do understand that, but the percentages of that 'race' predominantly control EVERYTHING behind the scenes, that is the way it is, GOD could have used Chinese people if he wanted, but, he did'nt, there is a definitive reason why GOD chose the JEWS, this is UP TO YOU PEOPLE TO FIND OUT WHY, NOT ME, I ALREADY KNOW THAT ANSWER. And by the way I like Makows research, he knows alot of stuff, but he digresses into the "Illuminatti" of which NO-ONE has yet to Identify clearly, should we say that the Council on Foreign Relations is Illuminatti? Or how about the Bilderburgs? most of the people there are nothing more than greedy old people who have a INSANE LUST FOR MONEY, but, it is the SPIRITUAL DECIEVERS who do the most evil on this planet, you should know that.
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