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Cool Re: IMPORTANT MESSAGE (I wish I knew this Forum before!)We're getting close to too la

bud, it's not one certain group; it's all of them in a sence, as they were all formed by the same secret societies, (the Reptilian crossbreed bloodlines brotherhood to be specific. - I'm certain of this, as I'm not a Conspiracy theorist, I'm a conspiracy realist. - Do enough research, & see. - It's antisemitic to say that it's just the Jews or whatever. - The Illuminati bastards have created all the different religions, & regarding the Masons & Illuminati however, their purpose is to have a cult that seems enlightening, so there are normal people that are recruited, including my own Mother, whom I am having an argument with currently, so I cannot ask her to borrow what they sent her, but she told me they invited her to join... - I'm sure many (select) others have too. - And there are more degrees in freemasonry than just 3. - Those that go beyond get involved with the human sacrifices, etc. - Checkout :

Man this forum is cool! I can copy rendered HTML & paste it! (obviously, LOL) - That makes me want to link this post to my forum, & vice versa:

What also bothered me is that Alex did not speak of clean energy technology in End Game. - But his radio show is incredibly informative, & he has great guests on, such as that guy that worked at NASA, & was aware of the knowledge that UFO do exist, & they have energy technologies that have been recreated by the government and to not only keep this from us, but to blame the negative effects of pollution on us is a crime against humanity!

- I have cross-linked this post to my forum on my site: A reply to a post regarding Alex Jones
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