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Default Re: IMPORTANT MESSAGE (I wish I knew this Forum before!)We're getting close to too la

There are secret societies such as Skull and Bones, which include as members those elitists who are bloodline of the 13 Illuminati families. This can be traced back for generations.

They are all not Jews and/or Zionist Jews. The most powerful Zionist Jews hold positions in financial institutions, the federal reserve and the media, as well as other branches of our government such as the Council on Foreign Relations.

Many of our politicians are related to one another in some form or fashion dating back generations. This way, the money and power stays within the "cult."

There are groups within groups within groups created by the "controllers," with operatives/slaves, etc. who do their bidding for them knowingly or unknowingly, jewish or not.

Both of my grandmothers were Jewish.

This means that I am Jewish according to the law of Judiasm, which, to a certain degree doesn't make any sense.

I was christened as a Catholic.

My JEWISH heritage was hidden from me.

This is not uncommon.

Kerry, Albright unveiled this realization of their own roots several years ago.

This, to make it appear that it is not a JEWISH conspiracy.
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