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Default Re: IMPORTANT MESSAGE (I wish I knew this Forum before!)We're getting close to too la

no, but why don't you, before wasting my time & insulting my intelligence by implying I'm a naive person that believes everything he reads.

"Do you believe this purely because you read about it somewhere?" -

- You must've read that somewhere, LOL, do you actually believe that making such a statement is constructive thinking? (Unless one is referring to people who take every word of the Bible literally).

- I will not allow a post I created with the initial purpose of expressing my pleasure in finding a forum where I had thought there would be like-minded people to share my website with become an argument, let me make this clear:

- Regarding people's inability to grasp the info about Reptilians: It's far out, until you look at the true historical accounts of FACTS, such as the Sumarian tablet translation definitely without a doubt describes how extraterrestrials manipulated & hived amongst them. - But go ahead, don't look at the information that is clear as day, & continue to say it's 'the Jews' or whatever, & you'll be arrested for hate crime & being antisemitic . By the way, I posted a (long, but very good video, why don't you check it out)? - And it's not Just David Icke saying this; Look at:
Credo Mutwa: Zulu Shaman on Reptilians in (historic) Africa

If someone threw a glass of water in your face, you would be certain there was liquid in the glass, & if people called you crazy for believing it, especially after you bust your ass to work all week to pay electricity bills needlessly, & must use ALL your free time to attempt to get this all out to the general population (in an understandable, convincing manner) before it's too late! Furthermore, I refer to the book 'the Biggest Secret' because it documents historical FACTS that prove the unbelievable, & it's a shame that too many people don't even open the book, (or EBOok) because the level of ignorant snickering is too loud, & they can't hear themselves think, that is, assuming they had a genuine desire to find out what is really going on in the first place. - It's the same thing with UFOs... - But that's changing.

Oh, & something else you should know:
Skeptic - One who practices the method of suspended judgment,
engages in rational and dispassionate reasoning as exemplified by the scientific method, shows willingness to consider alternative explanations without prejudice based on prior beliefs, and who seeks out evidence and carefully scrutinizes its validity.

In conclusion, to answer your question with one word: No.
- (I heard about it, Watched videos, & have done extensive research because I didn't believe someone saw GW Bush shapeshift into a reptilian either at first, & I wanted to see if it was really true, while the majority of people are doing what I'd rather be doing; Playing video games, etc.)

A study of Replians
genealogical history of people in power + reptilian - Google Search

PS: Sorry for being a little harsh, I'm just sick of struggling to maintain my credibility.
Take care mate!
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