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Default Re: Zionism - The Occult Guild Of Antichrist - A Christian Perspective


Makow now has a weekly Radio internet program on Mentoring Men, today in the evening, here is his latest article.

The Decline of Love
April 26, 2008

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

There is a heartbreaking scene in the movie "definitely, maybe"
where Sarah (Elizabeth Banks) caresses Will's head affectionately. It epitomizes the love women were born to express, which men and children naturally crave and return.

The gesture is witnessed by their 11-year-old daughter Maya, who like
all children longs to live with her natural parents as a family.

But it is not to be. Will (Ryan Reynolds) and Sarah are just finalizing their divorce.

The anger welled up in me. How did we let social engineers working for Illuminati banksters sabotage Love? How did men allow lesbianism disguised as "feminism" to gull and steal their women? Why didn't we realize that "women's rights" is a typical bankster scam. They also pretended to champion workers and minorities in order to divide and control society.

In order to transform humanity for its own purposes, the financial elite must first destroy the Old Order, i.e. marriage and family. The hidden agenda behind feminism is neutering the sexes by empowering women and thus emasculating men. The goal is to exchange heterosexual norms (marriage, family, fidelity) for homosexual ones (promiscuity.) Then everyone can be controlled by sex.

The strength of "definitely maybe," which came out in February, is that it faithfully records the Illuminati's new norms.We are now to take female bisexuality and promiscuity for granted. And its OK for parents to tell their children they indulged in both.

Written and directed by Adam Brooks,who wrote "Bridget Jones", the movie is a polished, intelligent, and enjoyable if somewhat superficial affair. A more serious look at what has happened to women is "The Business of Strangers."


One reviewer said "definitely maybe" depicted a young man's dilemma deciding between three young women. No. It is about women's loss of the ability to love. He was ready to marry each one of them, but in their current confusion, each one shot him down.

Real women naturally seek love. Love for a woman means sacrificing for husband and children. Femininity is defined by this. Her self-lessness holds marriage and family together.

However, feminism has brainwashed women to seek power instead of love. Power = penis. It defines masculinity. Now both sexes are confused about their identity and cannot connect and stay together.

Psychologically, men naturally seek power. Women seek love. Marriage is the exchange of woman's worldly power for man's love and protection. Thus women empower should men and men should use this power for the benefit of wife and family. Of course women also have intellectual, spiritual, emotional, moral and aesthetic power.

Will is a very handsome & eligible young man. But he has no luck with today's women. First, he proposed to Sarah in spite of a lesbian affair and another infidelity with a male roommate. He still can't take the hint so she just rebuffs him.

Then Will was about to propose to "Summer" (Rachel Weisz) but she torpedoed that by putting her career before his.

Finally, he declared his love to "April" (Isla Fisher) who rejected him because he was weak at the time.

Later he meets Sarah again; they marry and have Maya. But for some unexplained reason, they are now divorcing. Perhaps it's because Sarah never learned to put a man first (love), and so William never learned to take responsibility and become a man.

Love is women's work and obsession. It's what makes them tick. If they lose this knack, they are lost and so are we all.


Women's "career" used to be wife and mother. The financial elite brainwashed them to seek career because it didn't want them to have families.

I'm not against women having careers. That's not the point. Women have been betrayed by society. It's not too late to thwart the real enemy. It's not too late to put love first again. - exposing feminism and the new world order
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