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Default Re: Woman leads men in prayer

i once knew a man who was unemployed and lazy, and separated from his wife.
one day his children (ages 7 and 9) asked him why he was unemployed, he responded that he cannot answer why God chose this for him, he leaves this up to God.

his children later asked him, why he lives in his van, and he responded that when the time is right, God will find him a home.

when his children asked him why he has no money to feed the family, he responded that when God guides him to a job, he will know that it is the right job and all will be ok again.

when the children asked him why mommy would get mad everytime he stayed out late, he responded that after working all day, a man should be able to have a good time with his friends, God has nothing against this because I worked.

one of the children asked, why then did mommy always work and have money, and payed the bills and put food on the table and never went out, and was sad, we even caught her crying sometimes?

he told them that Satan causes people to do certain things and he makes her sad and angry, these are games Satan plays--we don't want to talk about Satan now---he likes that you know?

"but kids"! he said, daddy will pray to God for mommy so that she doesn't go Satan's way".

so you see people---so with all his shortcomings it is God's doing, we don't question GOD!!!

but when it comes to mommy---it's Satan's doing.

????????? how can anyone play these games with their children? to confuse them. to put a fear of "something" in them. are women so "bad"?

this is a true story i overheard in a park one day by a father who had his children for the weekend. and on weekends they stayed with him in the van, not aloud to "tell mommy" because she would "take them away from him", and therefore she would be doing "Satan's work".

until I stepped in!! and gave his license plate number to social services. with whatever information i gathered: where they went to church, the children's names. and you know what?
he was guilty of mentally and emotionally abusing his children. you might not think so, ask a social worker!!!
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