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Angry Re: The Coming Food Crisis

Originally Posted by stompk View Post
Costco has recently begun rationing rice. And the Global food crisis is expanding exponentially. Why?

Schemes to Control the Weather Clouded by Failure | LiveScience

When these people pump the clouds over the Rockies, trying to induce more
water for the West Coast, who get's their water from the Colorado River, what
happen when the moisture that was supposed to get the the heart of our country,
and our most important farmlands?

You get drought, and drastic food supply reduction.
Here's a better idea: Let's stop pussy-footing around, fearing we can't make a difference, boycott everything, refuse to goto work, stop watching the mainstream media (put them out of business), & mainly: DEMAND the release of solar power, etc , & to express our disgust with fuel requiring combustion engines, & if we don't DEMAND CHANGE NOW, those who manage & feed the Sheep will continue with their plan to slowly destroy us by design. - If we had clean energy technology, we would not even be having this discussion.

These Illuminati assholes will continue to dish out their RIDICULOUS solutions, while the public buys into it, & the people who come forth with 'different info' (claiming there is a massive conspiracy) are sadly called ridiculous. - Well, this is ridiculous, & if it was not so serious, it would be humorous! - Well, I'M SICK OF THIS! THE TIME IS now FOR CHANGE!
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