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Default Re: IMPORTANT MESSAGE (I wish I knew this Forum before!)We're getting close to too la

Originally Posted by Time=Now View Post
Thanks mate, but I'm not really enjoying the trip, knowing it's true, & knowing it's gonna be QUITE CHALLENGING to get this out to the masses... - Hmmm... I gotta make a YouTube vid! - And I've been in the rabbit hole for two years, & I ain't coming out until I can bring one back up & out with me by the slimy ears, & show the World the Elusive 'Rabbit' , That has more anomalies than a ... well, something VERY weird (it's time for me to goto bed!)

My question to you as to your belief in the existence of reptilians who live underground being based purely on something you read was not meant to make you look stupid.

What else could it be based on?

That theory has been circulating for a very long time and at some point, one must question as to why and who endorses it?

You must realize that this belief does not lend itself to credibility and by stating so, you open yourself up to new conspiracy theorists thinking you may be stupid and not because of any question I asked of you.

While your down the rabbit hole, could you attempt to bring up one of those reptilian's for us.
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