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Default Hitler and Seven Samurai

Hitler and Seven Samurai

Japan's Conspiracy (1) P9

Hitler and Seven Disemboweled Tibetan Soldiers

Japan always sends in watchdogs to its puppet celebrities. It often arranges even look-alikes. They often mock the celebrities but they often convey some secret but serious messages to the public. In the case of Hitler, seven watchdogs carried out their duty around him to the last moment. It would be better to say that they killed themselves after they confirmed Hitler's death rather than to say that they simply died.

I believe that the seven Tibetan soldiers were Japanese soldiers in disguise. Tibet has no tradition of harakiri suicide. Chinese occasionally commit harakiri but their motive is quite different from that of Japanese. And Japan was obsessed with the seven Tibetan (in fact Japanese) soldiers. Japan could not expose the secret. Japan hinted at it to the world instead. The tool was the movie " Seven Samurai". The scenario of the movie and the comment by the director, Akira Kurosawa, clearly showed that they were concerned with the Axis during WWII. Most of Japan's movies, music and literary works that are highly appreciated throughout the world are suspicious.

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