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Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
My question to you as to your belief in the existence of reptilians who live underground being based purely on something you read was not meant to make you look stupid.

I understand, but you seem to be mis-allocating your time, as you clearly have a talent for elaborate way of thinking, & you are quite humorous, yet I feel an edge of snicker & ridicule. - I had apologized for barking about thinking you were scofting. (English term for saying 'yeah right, this guys nuts') You need not pretend you don't assume you are better than me or something, just because I am certain something is absolutely true, while you remain certain in your beliefs... I don't blame you however, for as I have stated, I did not believe in the Reptilians myself, but even if I was not aware of the outstanding evidence THAT EXISTS BEYOND WRITTEN MATERIAL, if you even read a small part of the (written, yes, but can be confirmed by researching the actual events that lead to being written about). That is why I get angry. - People just assume their thoughts are correct, without further investigating the subject. - That is ignorance. (not saying you are completely, but looking at what you write below, I suggest you have an open mind at this point, & just watch the Arizona Wilder video (that is even on the main page of my site).

What else could it be based on?

Come on, many people will automatically dismiss this, but if you are not aware of the reports where abduction victims have reported seeing Reptilians, etc, most people will laugh at the messenger, & it looked like that.

That theory has been circulating for a very long time and at some point, one must question as to why and who endorses it?

Very long time indeed, & it's not a theory. - It has been knowledge held though the ages of the indians, egyptians, mayans, etc, so yes , a long time as opposed to what I assume you thought was a few decades, as you seem certain it's just an idea... Look bud, there are conspiracy theories, such as ... well, I'm not aware of that crap, (I guess things like if the president has 15 buttons on his shirt on the 15th of the month, he farted on 15 children's faces 15 times,) but I'm not concerned with the mental regurgitations of retarded individuals who are probably in place to make conspiracy theorist appear ridiculous. - That's my theory.

I am a conspiracy realist. - Not a theorist. ... So, as I was saying ,; There are theories, & there a PURE CONSPIRACIES. (facts)

And no; one must question as to why others question why people are certain of its truth: .... And then realize that you must then attempt to redirect your skepticism towards the reality you are told that exists, & must not exist. - The existence of UFOs has been a 'postulation' for some time, so has 9/11... But there is definitive proof, but for 50 years, government officials continue to deny their existence. - And it's not for fear of unrest, & people being scared, for they clearly want to induce fear. - You see; - Yes, there are theories regarding the origins of the Reptilians (who then allegedly interbred with the native people of the Earth, & the purebreds went underground & the hybrid race became the power structures, such as Monarchy, banking, government, etc... MAN, it's hard not to digress with this stuff! ) Anyways, the theories are : 1)They came from another planet, 2) they come from a parallel universe, or 3) They evolved naturally on the planet, or with the Earth. David Icke believes it's all 3, while I adhere to the belief that they came from another planet thousands of years ago, & presented themselves as Gods; The fallen angels.

You must realize that this belief does not lend itself to credibility and by stating so, you open yourself up to new conspiracy theorists thinking you may be stupid and not because of any question I asked of you.

Not because of anything you said, eh? Oh no? If I replied with a one liner as you did ' do you believe this because read it somewhere ,I think you'd find that quite insulting as well, & I'm sure anyone else would, especially if they were expecting a few people to be 'yeah right -ish' ... No offense to people who take the bible literally, but if you go & tell the priest that he is not giving credibility to himself by believing God created the Earth in 7 days, I'm sure you'd get VERY little respect. - But the thing is; jI have evidence that has caused me to be certain of this as to call it fact, & that is why I am not going to be a pussy like Alex Jones & not speak of the Reptilians, for he KNOWS people will ridicule him, as is happening with me. - But listening to today's show , one doesn't even have to be aware of the evidence , as it is clear the elite is evil as hell. Just look at what is going on... But you won't even look at the evidence... man, you don't even have to buy the book, just download: the Biggest secret - A book, yes, but one that documents VERIFIABLE events that paint a much larger, bigger picture that you seem to fail to grasp. And the narrow-mindedness will have to be worked around, by making it short, sweet, clear & undeniable for the general public. I mean, I was even reluctant to include info about UFOs on my site, but it is necessary, due to their plan for a staged alien invasion to get their NWO if all else fails. (not to mention that billions of tax dollars have been used to study & build crafts & they are sitting on technology that could save the World from pollution, & an energy crisis that seems to be necessary to induce civil unrest, & when the Reptilians make themselves known, it will be too late. - It is important to be aware of this, not even believe it. - So it doesn't matter if people don't believe it. Do you see me giving a shit>/ Most people still say 'yeah right' to me when I tell the 9/11 was an inside job, so whatever. - It's about presenting the facts, not just telling your friends that we are controlled by lizards, as they will give you the ridicule you fear.

While your down the rabbit hole, could you attempt to bring up one of those reptilian's for us.

Reptilian's ..... shoes, eyeglasses, or what? -Smart-ass comments deserve a smart-ass reply, & while you're down there looking at the keyboard, instead of researching it for yourself, could you learn proper punctuation & how it's a truth that is very bad to laugh at? THIS IS SERIOUS! Again; it's not a certain group, like the Jews , or the Illuminati, or The freemasons or Communists; ---> All of them have a common root in the Reptilian Bloodlines.

If I was 'down somewhere', I'd bring one up, & I'll tell him to teach you a few things, LOL but it's up to you; To realize that I'm actually 'up there' in the light of knowledge, for I have an open mind to actually take the time to look at the info in the first place.

(My reply is in bold , within the quote)

- And the Video: AZ_wilder.avi

- A quick overview for the time-challenged: Arizona Wilder

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