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Default Re: Secret Rulers of The World

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
If you see DELIBERATE play, doesn't that suggest an agenda?

The Banksters are the main group, along with other groups, such as the CFR, the "rogue CIA," who our leaders are beholden to.

What they want, they get.

Such as war.

War is a racquet. A money-making, profiteering racquet for THEM.

Our government borrows from the banksters, as you know, which is a private entity and the taxpayer's repay them with interest.

Who profits?

Don't forget about all the military brass.

Our country is controlled by the "military industrial complex."

The war machine.

Fire it up and the elitist's profit, the poor get poorer and the agenda of world dominance is escalated.

They care about power and money and not the blood of our sons and daughters; mothers and fathers who take an oath and a vow to defend our country from enemy threat, but, are most times sent overseas to distant shores to DIE for the bankster's agenda and not to protect the American citizen's from enemy threat/invasion.

Of course, 911 served the purpose for WAR!

Anyway, the banks (all of them) are arms of the private Federal Reserve.

If their agenda is to turn America into a third world country, they will, of course, have to cause some type of a financial collapse.
yep - and the financial collapse does not seem that far off at present. this is interesting on these themes: ~ The Weavers
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