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Unhappy Re: IMPORTANT MESSAGE (I wish I knew this Forum before!)We're getting close to too la

The text that impulsed you regurgitate the one-liner: Quote:
Originally Posted by Time=Now View Post
First came the ability for life to form on Planets, through a self-replication molecular system, called DNA.

- Then came space travel, & ability to inhabit other worlds through manipulation.

- What has happened in this area of the Galaxy, is that a certain species of malevolent beings that are highly intelligent & sofisticated with their understandings of the universe came here thousands of years ago & presented themselves as gods. - When the People realized what was really going on, the Reptilians had to go undercover & therefore interbred with humanity, but there are pure Reps living underground, who have taken refuge there, until an appointed time, where they will come out, & reveal themselves. - within our lifetimes. -
- So to answer you question; If you trace the genealogical history of everyone who has ever been in power in the monarchy throughout government, we see that it is the same family ! - They are not interbreeding out of snobbery folks! - It is to preserve the hybrid race that is controlling the planet today! - Just watch the Arizona Wilder video, & have a blast! (it's one of those things that need to get out, like the discloseureproject)

PS: A Bloodline is a family tree of a group that has maintained a specific genetic code through the ages.

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Do you believe this purely because you read about it somewhere?
Look: (now I know why Alex Jones doesn't talk about this much) You quoted part of my post, & your reply is what I have quoted above. It is insulting to say 'do you believe this just because you read it somewhere ' ; NO,; I DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING I READ. - But one thing is clear about what I'm reading from you: You are directing ridicule by suggesting that I believe everything I read. - No , I havn't seen a Reptilian, but I've seen enough evidence (and I'm not talking about You Tube videos) to know it's true, just like I havn't seen a UFO myself, but they certainly do exist. I request that if you are so cocksure & opinionated that this is merely an opinion generated by the minds of people during this generation, for you to stop wasting our time by posting your childish comments & do the research yourself; then you'll realize you were mis-allocating your time, because if you would just LOOK at the evidence available online, you'd see how there enough evidence regarding this to hold up in a court of law.

- And to prove how you are incredibly childish: You still think it's a THEORY! - Kid; Look at the evidence, & see that it's PURE CONSPIRACY. - I am a conspiracy REALIST, not a theorist. I'm disapointed in you... I thought you actually took the time to watch the Arizona Wilder vid or do your own Google search, when I saw ' now I get it' ... But you're just still in your own world, believing your opinionated belief that this is merely just a belief on my part . - With all due respect, get a life! - I'm spending all my free time on this, & what pisses me off more than what is happening to this world by the Bloodlines ( you didn't even know what the bloodlines were, shows how much research you've done) is the disgusting level of apathy & inaction. - If your family was sitting in the middle of the highway, & wouldn't listen to your 'theories' that it would be a good idea to get out of harm's way, wouldn't you be pissed off? I don't give a fuck what people think; Most people who know about the Reptilians don't talk about it for FEAR of ridicule, but that happened with the people talking about UFOs, but that's changing... People are waking up, however you sir, seem to be a late sleeper. LOL ... Who's laughing now?

Case closed.

PS: I like your post about the food crisis, but if you don't want to make the effort to go beyond the ' oh that can't be, it's too weird' , don't post in my thread. (it was initially created to get people to see my site: Social Justice, Awareness & Taking Action. If the truth is presented understandably, it will be believed... )

Have a nice day, Sir
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